Interview with Ron Kenoly on Afternoon Ride by DJ Rockyfella

Afternoon ride

Interview with Ron Kenoly on Afternoon Ride by DJ Rockyfella

Born December 6, 1944 at Coffeyville, Kansas, United State. Ron Kenoly is an American Christian worship leader, singer, and songwriter whose passion and mission is to create an atmosg down the presence of God. His music career started in the military when he joined the American Air Force in 1965 where he met and married Tavita, his wife of 42 years. Kenoly joined the music group, Mellow Fellows, a top 40 cover band that toured military bases.

In 1968, he left the Air Force and the Mellows Fellows behind and relocated to the City of Angels to go after his passion at that time which was music. Hence, his career stepped up as his first single “The Glory of Your Love (Mine Eyes Have Seen) was released by the Audio Arts label. Success in the R&B arena came after he signed with A&M Records. Under that label, he cranked out hits like, “Soul Vaccination” and other R&B hits such as ‘I Betcha I’ll Get Ya’, and ‘Can’t Live Without You’ (in 1975).

Some years later, there was a major turn-around when he decided to drop R&B music and devote himself to a Christian life. He tried for four(4) years to get a gospel record deal. In 1983, he released a custom-made album called ‘You Ought To Listen To This’. It was a project known around Ron Kenoly’s community (not internationally released).

This new devotion to Christian life eventually led him to start leading praise and worship for pastors such as Jack Hayp for pastors such as Jack Hayford and Lester Sumrall. This caught the attention of Mario Murillo, who introduced him to Pastor Dick Bernal, the founder of Jubilee Christian Center. He began working in full-time ministry in 1985. He started out as a worship leader at Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, California. Not long after that, in 1987, he was ordained and installed as Music Pastor.

In Jubilee Christian Center after the success of 2 Integrity recordings in 1993, he started receiving invitations from all over the world from churches to lead praise and worship and also to help them develop their music departments. So shortly afterwards, he was named Ambassador of Music at Jubilee Christian Center.

Ron Kenoly has five brothers and three sons with his wife Tavita – Samuel, Ronald (referred as The Kenoly Brothers) and his oldest son Tony. His cousin is American actor, Don Cheadle. He holds several degrees including a music degree from Alameda College, a Master of Divinity from Faith Bible College, and a Doctorate of Ministry in Sacred music from Friends International Christian University. Ron Kenoly has recorded lots of music since 1983. Click to know more of his music records.

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