Repair Or Sell A Car?

The older a used car gets, the more susceptible it is to defects. Then of course the question arises as to whether the vehicle should be repaired or whether it should be sold. Of course, as a vehicle ages, defects become more likely. These cause costly repairs. If these costs exceed the value of the car, then it is better to sell the car.

Is A Car Repair Worth It?

20 years ago, people drove to the workshop every 10 to 15,000 km to have the vehicle checked. Today the vehicles already have a mileage of around 40,000 km. Only then will you be called to service. Doing another check saves you not only time and stress, but also a lot of money. Furthermore, the quality of the auto parts has improved significantly compared to before. Nevertheless, defects can never be ruled out. Unfortunately, most drivers react much too late to deficiencies. This can even put the occupants in the car at risk.

Most damage happens to the bumper. The bumper suffers from scratches and dents again and again. Smaller defects such as scratches or broken lamps can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. Nevertheless, there is also more serious damage that cannot be easily seen. A visit to the relevant workshop is therefore essential. It then of course depends on the car parts. If the defect affects an important component, the repair can be very expensive.

Car Repair After An Accident

Unfortunately, an accident can happen unexpectedly. The question here is, of course, who was to blame for the accident and how high the damage is. In the case of damage, a distinction is made between a technical and an economic total loss. If the vehicle is so badly damaged due to a severe collision that the car is largely broken, then there is irreparable, technical damage. The only solution in this case is to sell the car. Because the repair costs can be so high that you can do without these costs.

What The Insurance Company Says When The Vehicle Is Repaired

In the event of an accident, the opposing liability insurance company will take over 100 percent of the damage service , provided that the opposing insurance company is fully responsible. However, if the injured person is partially guilty, then there will be a reduction. In the event of an economic total loss, the insurance will cover the costs up to a certain amount.